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~alias Ymo/Yumbhe/Ymedron
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Tarspawn New Designs
A more consistent set of designs for all the different classes. The two at the top left are undifferentiated ones, either from before the classes became a thing or possibly as units to help set up a new colony before the more specialized units become viable.
The colors aren't particularly indicative, they're just there for easy differentiation.
Another dimensiontraveling whale! This one is mostly staying in the Ether but can enter a dimesion during emergencies. It can hold several hundred porpoise ranger units, as well as support some thousands of people. Piloting a Leviathan requires a council of neural-linked pilots. (mainly to keep each other in check, so there’s no surprise takeovers.)
Dimensionhopper Whale
The newest iteration of this storyconcept's main point, the dimensionhopping whales.
They've been heavily augmented to increase their psychic abilities, evaluate the properties of the target dimension pre-jump, create cargo space inside their body and allow them to achieve flight outside of the interdimensional Ether.
Dragonite n family

Baby dratini are very transparent similarly to the glass eel lifestage

They develop transparent eyelids that darken their eyes to protect them against harsh light and the dry conditions outside of water.

Their skin is smooth and scaleless, covered in a protective slime. WIth dratini and dragonair they can quickly replace their slime coating to shed off contaminants and parasites (shed skin).

On dragonite the coating is much slower to be replaced, but also retains moisture much better allowing it to stay out of water for a much longer time.

They are able to fly despite their relatively minuscule wings
Meowth n persian attempt
I wanted to try designing meowth so it doesn't end up just as a cat with pokemon colors.... so attempted this.
Not sure if it's far enough, but at least it's not a straight up cat.
I wrote some quick notes about notable abilities/features.

-Forehead disc protects gem while it’s still growing. The disc vibrates slightly in the presence of valuables. (it’s unknown how it works, but it appears that currency used by a sentient species is considered valuable)

-Eyes can glow brightly to dazzle enemies.

-Has access to a small pocket dimension where the meowth can store items like coins and gems etc. This is also the source of the pay day move.

-’Whiskers’ are mobile and used to examine surfaces.

-Walks on the very tip of the toes when quadruped -> padding on the tip rather than underneath like with a real cat. When biped meowth walks plantigrade.


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Evodolka Featured By Owner Edited Jan 8, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
thank you so much for the llama :hug:
Llama Emoji-60 (Snug or Hug) [V3]
umbbe Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Llama Emoji-78 (Bouncy [White]) [V4] 
Evodolka Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Hobbyist Artist god that's adorable...
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ruthlessKittens Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your art looks like something youd see in movies! its so amazing
umbbe Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016  Student Digital Artist
eek, thank you!
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