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~alias Ymo/Yumbhe/Ymedron
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Between dwarves, elves and a size ref by umbbe
Between dwarves, elves and a size ref
A combo image.

The dwarves are descended from some very peculiar elven slaves that could turn into objects instead of live creatures. They managed to escape and have since been living in the human cities, hiding in plain sight as it were. (if you want to imagine how the dwarves look as objects, look no farther than people playing prophunt.)

They look at domestic elves with a mix of sadness and pity, as they can recognize the effects of the domestication on their personality.

Wild elves are vengeful and wily. They have allegiances only to their own, and it’s best to be careful with the deals you make with them. They retain history through oral tradition, and will recite slights with meticulous accuracy. They’re protective of their forests, as they’re aware of how screwed they’d be if their habitat disappeared. Non-darkness aligned elves are generally cast out, as they’re seen to be mal-adaptive.

With domestic elves everything in the previous paragraph goes out the window. They’ve been selectively bred for hundreds of years, and their personality shows these changes.

To better control the slaves, humans have artificially introduced sex-based privilege. The female elves are treated well, and they’re used as enforcers for the males. The threat of withholding privileges seems to be an effective way to get them to cooperate.

The males are especially friendly and obedient. They seem eager to please and be content with little themselves.

Of course, when elves are concerned, it’s uncertain how much of this is genuine behaviour.

Cockatrice by umbbe

The badlanders ride these giant gryphons around. The clan leader’s heir soulbinds with a cockatrice as soon as they are able.

Cockatrices are browsing herbivores (with potential for scavenging etc) and potentially a bit unpredictable. They need to be carefully tamed or they’ll be just trouble when they’re adults.

During the mating time males honk and bellow loudly and demonstrate their brightly colored chests and wattles for the females. Sometimes the males peck t each other, but altercations are relatively few.

Most of the animals used as mounts are female.

The female selects a mate for itself and they stay together until the hatchlings are able to follow the female. Then the male loses interest.

The clan stays put for the duration of the pair nesting. Hatchlings can be transported in little fenced platforms that are mounted on some of the adults’ backs.

People bonded with cockatrices are commonly brave, severe and humorless.

Ant judges the end of the world by umbbe
Ant judges the end of the world
I was avoiding having to answer a difficult question and it ended up rather differently.
This is the most work-intense stuff I've done in a while so it feels appropriate to put up on here too.
deviantart has become facebook. welp.
Redesigned tarspawn spawner by umbbe
Redesigned tarspawn spawner

Spawners aren’t hatched like other units. Instead, an officer has the ability to metamorphose into one. (this is usually done by the lowest ranking one, ordered by a higher ranking unit.) The metamorphosis screws up the officer’s emotions and personality, generally leading into a more abrasive and short-tempered creature. Spawners rarely (due to their low dominance status) get a say in colony matters.

They’ve still got ‘the voice’ that officers do (referencing… ), and can use it to push around normal units. The black and white coloration is uniquely constant among the different spawners. It evokes a need to protect in the other units. (a normal unit with the colors of a spawner is generally coddled a lot more thanks to this)

Spawners may look more bestial than officers, but they’ve still got a high level of intelligence. The typical pastime of a spawner is reading, though they need an assistant to hold any reading material for them.

In combat they’re mainly going to be using magic (as their body builds more energy reserves than officers) or biting things. While an officer moves slowly, they can lunge quickly and a frightening distance.

A spawner’s voice is extremely deep, masculine and sonorous. They make good singers.

Humans are the most confused by spawners’ default genderless identity, combined wih their masculine voice. Spawners do not appreciate you assuming they are female just because they lay eggs or male just because of their voice. And they’re not opposed to eating people.

links to unit descriptions in this post:…


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